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  • Allan Larson
    Allan Larson
    Charlie was thorough & attentive to our needs. He followed through with his promises and left no details left undone.
  • R C
    R C
    Understanding, Efficient, Extremely Considerate, and Beyond Professional are only a few words to describe our experience with Charlie Kiers. We would highly recommend to anyone to utilize his service. He knows what it takes!!
  • Mitsuko Murakoshi
    Mitsuko Murakoshi
    Charlie helped me to purchase and sale properties. He is funny and intelligent at same time. He is always interested in your best outcome. He is so efficient and makes all the process looks so easy! Thanks, Charlie for your great professional work and fun personality! Looking forward to our new project!
  • Maria Gavrilova
    Maria Gavrilova
    Amazing human being, professional colleague, great negotiator and awesome dad. I love every minute working with Charlie. Thank you!
  • Sean Landers
    Sean Landers
    I have dealt with Charlie for a number of sales and purchases and can honestly say he is the most professional realtor you will find. Charlie is an exceptional negotiator, and a sharpened samurai in the market. His savvy and absolute dedication are what sets him at the top.
  • Wendy
    Working with Charlie was positive all the way. I’m a senior ex-pat Canadian returning after 30 years, so Charlie’s help was invaluable. His low key non pushie manner made the job of choosing a new home calm and easy. Highly recommend him.
  • Michael Blair
    Michael Blair
    We picked Charlie from looking at realtor reviews online. Acting as executors, we needed a good price and an uncomplicated sale, and Charlie came through for us, with two good offers in short order. He was very supportive and respectful of the property, and kept us informed throughout the process.
    We would definitely recommend Charlie Kiers to others.
  • Luke S.

    Charlie was an incredible ally through the process of buying my first condo. He was always available when I had questions, was incredibly (incredibly) patient, and made sure that I was 100% clear on every step of the process. He was incredibly good at helping me understand the market and providing anything I asked for, and when it came down to the crunch of making offers, I was so glad to have him on my team. I recommend Charlie to friends often now, and do so confidently. He is great to work with and has his clients’ best interests at heart.

  • Talia V.

    We were referred to Charlie through work contacts and feel so lucky to have found him. It was an absolute pleasure buying our first home and that’s all due to Charlie!

    There really aren’t words to describe how fantastic Charlie’s service was, from the beginning he listened to what we were looking for, provided non judgemental advice, was a keen negotiator and helped network us with the necessary contacts in order to complete the buying process. It seems rare to find someone today who is good at their job, let only fantastic so we were delightfully surprised by the initiative and attention to detail Charlie put forth for us throughout our buy.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Charlie is one of the most genuine and nicest guys around, a competent professional and good natured family guy. Not sure what we were expecting for our reality process but he exceeded our expectations in every way shape and form.

    Look no further!

  • Randy & Melissa Cherrey

    Understanding, efficient, extremely considerate, and beyond professional are only a few words to describe our experience wit Charlie Kiers. 

    We would highly recommend him to anyone to utilize his service. He knows what it takes!!

  • Tom Marchewka
    Tom Marchewka

    After struggling to find a highly adept Realtor locally to sell our Sunshine Coast property, I sourced Charlie based solely on his web reviews and online presence. My wife and I were in a unique position that we reside in Ontario and were now going to use an “off the coast Realtor” to sell our vacation property. 

    Charlie was up front immediately about not actively selling on the coast, but was excited about the opportunity to expand his horizons. 

    End Result: Charlie is a total pro who exceeded our expectations. His communication skills are second to none and he took all the worry and stress out of our “unique situation” because he listened, understood and did all the things he said he would do.

    This, and all the other reviews you have read should lead you to making Charlie Kiers your next call.

  • Victor N
    Victor N

    What can I say about Charlie? He’s the BEST realtor I could have imagined. If I could give him 10 stars out of 5 in this review I would. He’s a role-model of professionalism and what every realtor should be (but normally isn’t). Charlie always truly looks out for his clients best interests and genuinely cares about finding the right home for you. For me Charlie setup private scheduled tours of 15+ potential homes of all different kinds in different neighborhoods! It was a lot of fun. Of all the places we saw together I selected some myself while others came up in automated search results sent to my e-mail address. In each potential home we visited Charlie always ensured we spent an adequate amount of time at each place before moving on to the next one. As a first-time home buyer I had many questions from the outset about homes in general, the buying/bargaining process, contracts, etc… and Charlie always had time to answer everything to the best of his knowledge. Even after the buying process was completed and I moved in Charlie still kept in touch to ensure the transition process was proceeding smoothly (which I believe is above and beyond the norm).

    I wouldn’t hesitate for a second recommending Charlie as anyone’s realtor. Trust me, you will not regret it!

  • Sean E
    Sean E

    Ive had the pleasure of working with Charlie on many occasions and its obvious he genuinely cares about his clients. As the owner of a moving company I have witnessed the results of Charlie’s work first hand in the appreciation and excitement of our shared clients as they move in to their amazing new homes. On one memorable occasion we were called into a last minute, overwhelmingly huge packing/moving job that our shared client was unable to complete due to unexpected health conditions. Although not at all in Charlie’s job description, he took over, working hours on end for a few days in a row in the most stressful conditions just to make sure his clients had a smooth transition into their new home.

  • Naomi T
    Naomi T

    We met Charlie after we’d wasted months with a different realtor who couldn’t sell our place. Charlie basically showed up wearing a cape and saved the day. He sold our place for more than we expected, thanks to his impressive negotiation skills, in faster time than we thought possible. Not only is he great at his job, but he’s a great guy, too. He helped us move when he showed up to pick up the keys and discovered we were still loading our car. Really lovely man, and an awesome realtor. I highly recommend him!

  • Niki S
    Niki S

    I’ve done three real estate transactions with Charlie in four years and through some challenging circumstances. He is helpful, straight-forward, and always a professional. I wish him all the best.

  • Mitsuko M

    Best Realtor ever! I found him here and decided to contact him based on what others are commenting about him. In just a short-time after I contacted him by email for the first time, I received his reply with warm message. You will not going to believe how fast his responses are. He is always reachable and do his job really well and fast! He really deserve those great reviews!

    Not only he knows what he is doing, but he really cares about his customers and has your best interest at heart. Moreover, he is very fun to be around!

    I will for sure have him as my realtor in near future for sure!

    Trust me you will be 100% happy with him 😉

  • Lorna H

    Charlie is the best! I sold and bought with his expertise.

    He always has time for his clients, knows his stuff and has amazing patience.

    He’s also a great guy who does a lot for his community and strives to make a difference for others in need.

    Thanks Charlie!

  • Karen R
    Karen R

    I am pleased to recommend Charlie’s services. He has advised me on real estate transactions several times, and was always available to help me quickly. I love my current home & think I’ll be here forever. Charlie was the listing agent and gave me all the info I needed.

  • Denis G.
    Denis G.

    We’re new to Vancouver and so glad Charlie has been referred to us! He was always able to find time for us and he is very knowledgable about the real estate in Greater Vancouver! He is a great negotiator and has given us some crucial advices. Thanks Charlie!

  • N K.
    N K.

    Look no where beyond Charlie for your real estate needs, he is the best!

    I am new to Vancouver and wanted to buy a home here,luckily I stumbled on yelp reviews about Charlie and took a leap of faith and I was not disappointed about it at all.

    Charlie was extremely prompt in replying all my questions be it mail or phone. He was always available. This is truly customer service at its best.

    We never felt pressured or rushed to make our decision, Charlie is pretty easy going, you will get your space and time to think about this important decision you are about to make while buying a home.

    If we are going to buying a second home, no doubt Charlie would be our real estate agent again.

    Thanks Charlie!

  • David F
    David F

    Charlie is a top-notch negotiator and great client service. Have worked with him on several deals and he is exceptional. 10/10

  • Darcy Murphy

    Great Realtor

    Great Realtor!  Charlie is very knowledgeable about  Vancouver realty and the whole condo/house buying process. I found it quite intimidating the first time and Charlie guided me through with no problems. Would use again in a heart beat. Happy House Hunting.


  • Miranda Connal

    Cool, Funny, Honest =Charlie

    While by some accounts I picked my realtor the wrong way, I have no regrets!

    I looked at properties in my price range, and emailed several listing agents about their properties, and included my story: I’m a young first time buyer, I have a down payment, I want to live in Hastings-Sunrise. Some of their properties had sold, some could get me in in a few days, but they were all impersonal. Charlie just said, “I’d love to show you the property, when are you available?” and got me in to look at the listing right away. I brought my mom (of course) and on our way there, she was telling me the standard horror stories about real estate agents, how you can’t trust them and in the end the more you pay the more they make, you have to shop around before you really find a good one, etc. etc.

    When we arrived, Charlie was confident, professional, polite, and 100% genuine. He took us through the suite, told us its whole history, and told us its limitations as well as its strengths. When we left, he shook our hands and assured my mom and I that he’d take care of us, and he’d find me the perfect place. My mom was sold, I didn’t hear anything about it from her again. Shortly after that, Charlie and I sat down and talked about exactly what I was looking for. He told me that he has lived in the area for a long time, his son goes to one of the elementary schools, he’s on the community policing board, and can’t say enough good things about the neighbourhood.

    After that, I think Charlie took me through every listed condo in my price range over the span of a year. When I was overwhelmed or worried that I would never find anything, he was reassuring, when my mortgage broker dragged his heels on my pre-approval, he made it happen, when I faced a layoff that could have derailed my plans to purchase, he sent me job leads smile emoticon. I was a high maintenance client, but Charlie kept his cool and most importantly his sense of humour the entire time we worked together. Along the way, almost every realtor we met made me happier with mine! Other realtors frequently knew less about the building they were selling in than Charlie, knew less about the process, and sometimes ended up asking HIM the questions.

    When I found a building I wanted to buy in, Charlie told me honestly that he thought it was overpriced. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated that honesty. He showed me the comparisons in the area, and he cited his own expertise, and I took his advice, offering well below asking. When the buyers said they were going to hold out, and I was heartbroken. However, almost immediately afterwards another (better) suite opened up in the same building, and after a short bargaining process (during which Charlie, again, saved the day), I purchased my home – and for what it was worth!

    Since then, Charlie has dropped by with his son several times to check in, offer advice about strata councils, and help paint the inside of my hall closets! Charlie is not just a realtor, he is a true friend, and I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Charlie!

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